Nick was the fulcrum that helped me move the lever.

So everything starts with an idea, right? For me, it was more I had an idea of the idea. Nick was the fulcrum that helped me move the lever. Without him, I wouldn't have been able to articulate the idea in the first place. Then once I had that together I still had to figure out how to execute the damn thing. If it wasn't for Nick I would still be in development hell, or worse, would never have launched this business at all.

Nick is the best kind of Adverb to have in your corner. He can go over the problem, around it, under, and even through. The best balance of Yin and Yang in a partner.

Alan White

Took it to a whole new level

Nick is awesome. I gave him an idea and he took it to a whole new level. His aligned lifestyle program covered every detail of what I envisioned my business would be. I highly recommend Nick because without his help and guidance my business would have never bloomed to become what it is today.

He is a great listener, problem solver, and always very supportive. I can always count on him!

Lucie Ebnerova
CEO Luvidya, Inc.

The man under the hood

Nick was the man under the hood when the original JVNotifyPro launched way back in 2005, and with his help, it became the most popular site of it's kind, and the inspiration for many of today's leading JV calendars and networking communities.

Till this day, I can't thank him enough for both his friendship and technical guidance.

Mike Merz Sr
Owner, JVNotifyPro.com

Truly Brilliant!

Nick is both truly brilliant as an engineer and engineering manager, and very trustworthy on deadlines. He will move heaven and earth to get the job done. Need I say more?

Rich Fetik
CEO, CISSP, Board Member, Experienced BizDev and Technology Executive

Meet your problem with an elegant solution ...

Nick has a vast array of knowledge about the web in general and all about it's history. With his experience in tow, he can meet your problem with an elegant solution that takes care of not just the obvious things, but also the edge cases that someone with less time in the industry wouldn't be able to foresee. Whether at a startup where things are just being figured out, or at an established enterprise doing system refactoring, I would work with Nick any day.

Kris Bailey
CIO at My Financing USA

Strives to seek the best from people

Nick is an outstanding manager and motivator with great vision of current and future technology direction. He strives to seek the best from people. Nick is results oriented and an excellent problem solver.

Fred Ghahramani

Solves many challenging problems

Nick is an extraordinary engineer and technical leader that pulls from his vast background to solve many challenging problems that present themselves to a modern day high availability product. He is calm in high-stress situations and pragmatic when creating solutions to complex product requirements. His ability to execute and lead inspire myself and other co-workers to also operate at this same level of confidence, and tact.

Erik Ketcham
Engineering Manager

Navigates the waters between business, technology, and life

Nick is an amazing human. He navigates the waters between business, technology, and life quite well. I love our conversations where he helps me see the world in a different way.

Mitchell Levy
"The AHA Guy"​ & CEO

Master Technologist

Nick Temple is a master technologist and a brilliant human being. If he's talking you should stop what you're doing and listen.

Mark Joyner
Founder and CEO at Simpleology, #1 Best-Selling Author of "The Great Formula"